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For you international readers:

Welcome to take a little look of today's Finland. A nation that was during the 80's and early 90's a socialist-democratic nation; an example for many as a country with no wide-spread poverty, with a free and working public health care, good schools, and welfare programs. A nation that changed the direction in 1993 with a new tax reform, that outrageously benefits the wealthy people and big corporations in our country. A tax reform that once and for all differentiated Finland from the rest of the Nordic countries which still today rely on a strong welfare state and equality of people. 

The results from the past 20 years have been catastrophic for a lower class Finns, and are now even starting to threathen the middle class, too. Since the 1993's tax reform the corporations have quadrupled their annual profits, the richest 10 % have increased their incomes by 100 % while the lowest 10 % have seen only an 8 % income raise in past 20 years (that's not even enough to compensate the rise of the consumer prices). The sheer numbers of people living in poverty has doubled and the amount of childrens living in poverty has tripled. The custodies of childrens have increased by 500 %. The life expectancy deviations between the poor and the rich are already wider than in any Western European country, and the gap is ever growing. Our health care system that once was one of the bests there was, has now become the most inequal of all OECD-nations. As an only Nordic nation, Finland have regular breadlines, that are constantly getting longer and longer. As an only Nordic country, Finland receives food-aid from EU; 2 million kilos per year - that's 70 % more than for example Ireland does. The way of forcing people to work without a proper salary in the name of the share employment-rates has become a norm; today more than 10 % of Finnish workers do their job without any salary at all. 

The taxation that once helped us to grow from a poor, unequal country, to an equal and fair society by directing the tax money for a welfare state in order to provide good living standards to everyone, is now changed to benefit only the economical elite of Finland while the welfare state is seen by them only as a negative cost that Finland no longer can afford to pay. And the shift has been easy for our political and economical elite as we are so-called Western nation, but with a strong Eastern mentality due to our heritage added with a deep Lutheran influence in our society. Finns rely on strong leaders and put a constrained high value on experts' opinions, as normal citizens like to think we are too dumb to understand things they are talking about. So we do as we are told, and do not like to question anything.

Now, this all is not to say that Finland would now be a terrible country with full of poverty and misery, as that clearly isnt' the truth. I'm sure you can see this same kind of evolution in many other western countries, too. Especially in EU-nations, because of the way EU now dictates the member countries legislations and budgets. In Finland the shift from a Nordic welfare country to a neoliberal society where people are forced to compete against each others in order to survive while the rich get ever richer, have been quite fast and it has already demolished most of our welfare nation's foundations. The basics for an equal, and fair society that once made Finland a model-nation, or even utopia for many, are now rapidly dying away in the greedy hands of our neoliberal politicians and corporate elite. The Finland, as you've been used to see it, is in a death struggle. Among so many other nations in today's world that only values the needs of the rich. There is no utopia anymore, there is no winners among the nations that let the EU dictate over their own economies, letting the elite put the profits before the people. These notes under tell a clear story of that. Whenever and wherever the profits of few are put ahead of the needs of the rest, the results are always the same. 

I'm sorry the sources under the notes are in Finnish, but most of those could not be found in English. So please use the Google Translate if you feel like reading the source-articles, even though it translates pretty roughly the Finnish (Finno-Ugrian language) into English (Germanic language). If you want to contact me about anything, please email to pahamaa@luukku.com.

So, here are few notes about today's Finland:   

 - Finland receives a far more verdicts on crimes against humanity than other Norcid countries combined


- Finland is the only Nordic country with regular breadlines, and only Nordic country that regularly receives EU food aid 

- Breadlines in Finland have grown explosively, and situation keeps getting worse 

- The amount of EU food aid distributed via breadlines have grown 50 % during the last two years 

- More than every 10th Finnish worker is forced to work without payment on behalf of the demands of the economic sector 

- Most common causes of death for Finnish people is poverty, social exclusion, and low education 

- The ever growing life expectancy deviations between the poor and the rich are already wider than in any Western European country 

- The Finnish health care is the most inequal of whole Europe 

- The use of life expectancy predictions to justify the raise of the retirement age is misleading - in past 20 years in Finland the life expectancy has rose only within the wealthier people 

- Wealthy people receive medical care more easily and way faster than people from lower income groups 

- Finns have way less healthy years in their lives than other Nordic nations 

- The amount of childrens living in poverty in Finland has tripled since the 1993 tax reform - even with our small immigrant population the numbers are way higher than in other Nordic countries 

- There are now as many Finnish childrens living in poverty than there was in the 70's 

- The government paid child-benefits are cut off from the poorest families 

- Finnish social costs are in the lowest end of all EU-nations, clearly behind of other Nordic countries 

- Finland is the leading country in unemployment rate gimmicks - Finnish way of calculating the unemployed youths would cut the Swedish unemployed youth rate in half - as it would do in any other EU-nation apart from Bulgaria and Netherlands that use the same calculating gimmick 

- In Finland the government's budget program is done a year advance before the parliamentary elections are even held, and with the guidelines offered by an American consulting company. Also different business organization lobbers have a great influence on the program. 

- Finnish political ministry considered a use of martial law to push through the massive run down of the Finnish welfare state in the name of the new municipality law, and as the American consult group suggested to do 

- In Finnish psychiatric care the patient is put in limb restraint or total isolation more than in anywhere else 

- Psychiatric care in Finland worst of all OECD-countries 

- Finnish senior citizen are massively over-medicated and often without any diagnosis at all 

- Most of the Finnish unemployed persons cannot afford to buy even the necessary pharmaceutical drugs, because of the very high deductible rate Finns have compared to rest of Europe - even the working class share the same difficulties 

- Nearly every fifth of all adult Finns use some sort of mental health medications 

- Use of antidepressants in Finland have increased rapidly over the past 10 years 

- Finland is the leading Nordic country in the use of psychosis and sedative medications 

- Finland is preparing to make a law that would allow to use childrens in medical tests without the permission from their parents 

- Only 1/3 of Finns are still paying the progressive income-taxes - the costs of maintaining the Finnish welfare state are more than ever taken from the poorly paid people 

- Income differences in Finland are growing more rapidly than in any other OECD-nation 

- After Iceland, the income differences in Finland are bigger than in any other Norcid country, while the percentage of poorly paid citizens is significantly bigger than in all other Nordic countries 

- There's already 700 000 poorly paid citizens in Finland - the numbers are clearly higher than in other Nordic countries 

- Finnish multinational corporations are sponsored by the government with billions of Euros, but bypass basically all corporate taxes 

- The opportunity offered by the Finnish government for huge corporations to bypass the corporate taxes costs us billion euros per year - that is even 30 % more than what government is trying to get back from the citizens by raising the goods and services tax with 1 % 

- Finnish comprehensive schools are getting closed down in formidable pace, because of the short-sighted Government saving plans - today already thousand more schools are closed down than what Finnish politicians promised 

- Employment rate in Finland clearly the lowest of Nordic countries 

- The number of poor Finnish citizens have more than doubled after the tax reform of 1993, yet at the same time GNP per capita has doubled 

- The percentage of salaries of the whole national income decreasing constanly - share of unearned incomes rapidly growing 

- The share of salaries in whole national income compared to unearned incomes decreased in Finland faster than in any other OECD-nation apart from the oil-rich Norway 

- In contrary to what is commonly claimed in Finnish mainstream media, the public sector in Finland is still economic-wise in a good shape - funds more than double what the debts are 

- Finland has the lowest budget shortfall of all Euro-nations - nonetheless the purely ideological, neoliberal reasons prevents our leaders to see any other options than to run down the whole welfare state 

- The combined profits of companies in Finland tens of billion euros each year - instead of investing those profits into Finland the money flows to abroad, as well as 1/3 is given away as low taxed dividends 

- The amount of people living completely without any incomes doubled in just a few years 

- Finland suffers from more deathly incidents of violence than any other Nordic country - the number is also one of tops in the whole EU 

- Finnish women face violence the second most often of all EU-nations

- Finnish children experience more domestic violence than children in other Nordic countries 

- More children are killed in Finland than in anywhere in Western Europe 

- Apart from Greece, Finland is the only EU-nation with prisoners of conscience 

- Bilderberg-veteran Jorma Ollila; the Chairman of Royal Dutch Shell & former Chairman and former CEO of Nokia Corporation, is leading a task force in Finland wanting every Finnish car to be monitored by GPS in due to a kilometer based driving taxation - similar model is completely unheard in the rest of the world 

- Finnish workers work up to 300 hours more per year than other Europeans 

- Finnish workers feel that they are close to the breaking point 

- Compared to other Nordics, Finns are significantly more often on a welfare 

- Finnish social workers clearly the harshest and most unprofessional of all Nordic countries' social workers 

- Contrary to what our politicians claim, the unemployment problem will not be fixed by cutting off the welfare - for a single open job there's on average 10 unemployed workers (note that in Finland the unemployed that are put for example to the employment agencies courses will not be count as an unemployed - and those people we have already way over 100 000) 

- Finnish youths are one of the most suicidal ones in the whole world 

- Finns are the most suicidal nation of the Nordic countries, nearly on the top in the whole world 

- The rise from the poorly paid to well paid ("American dream") in Finland is very uncommon, disadvantage is often inherited 

- The children of the parents with a higher education background are 8-times more likely to get a higher education than the ones with a lower educated parents 

- The amount of children's custodies more than doubled since the 1993 tax reform - the number of custodies of the age group between 15-17 years of age increased more than five times to what it was in 1993 

- Children's custodies is now a huge and ever-growing business in Finland 

- In Finland the immigrant families are treated seemingly unequally in children custody cases 

- Finns are the poorest people of the Nordic countries 

- Costs of food has increased in Finland with an EU record speed 

- Finland is the most expencive EURO-nation 

- Group of poorly paid Finns is constantly growing and they are also getting poorer and poorer - at the same time wealthy Finns keep getting ever wealthier 

- The poverty of working Finns has constantly increased after the 1993 tax reform - now 10 % of people who are getting income support are working people 

- Finnish welfare the lowest of Nordic countries in all sectors 

- Funds put into health care and senior citizen care the lowest of all OECD-nations 

- Finnish officials tend to hide information 

- Corruption still a huge problem in Finland - Transparency International fails to see our deep and widely-spread structural corruption especially in the municipal level 

- The biggest political party in Finland accepted unanimously and without any critic at all to let their party member to continue to work in the Parliament even though he had received a district court's prison sentence due to the corruption accusations

- Finns are the most overweighted nation of all Nordic countries, nearly topping the whole Europe also 

- Finland has fewer referendums than any Western nation 

- Finnish municipalities constantly and knowingly brake the law of income support by handling the income support applications with an extremely low pace (the law requires the officials to make the income support desicion during 7 days) - also unjustified negative desicions are given more and more 

- Finnish municipalities are gaining massive savings by upholding their extremely bureaucratic and laborious income support applying process, so that 50 % of people who would be entitled to income support, don't even try to apply it

- Finns' use of intravenous drugs nearly tops the whole EU - also other zero-tolerance believing nations share the same problems 

- The group of social excluded youths is getting bigger each year 

- The welfare-level have been intentionally left way behind from the rapid rise of the consumer prices 

- Finnish Minister of Migration and European Affairs describes the political transparency as a "disgusting thing" 

- The bipartition of the Finnish society raises amazement in Europe 

- 15 % of all prisoners still has to urinate and defecate into a buckets held in their cells - nearly fifth of those prisoners are in female penitentiary of Hämeenlinna 

Finnish Security Intelligence Service trusts blindly on our Prime Minister's own views of terrorist threats - Prime Minister made a private call to the Finnish Security Intelligence Service and threatened them to shut up with their own views of the possibilieties of Finland facing a terrorist threats (FSIS didn't see any threats) 

- US Embassy in Finland dictates the security politic views of the biggest political party in Finland (National Coalition Party) 

- Fingerprints taken for the biometric passports are collected into a registry - contrary to several other EU-nations 

- Ministry of the Interior and police demands the right for the police to use fingerprints that are collected for biometric passports use only 

- Foreign construction workers who couldn't get a job from anywhere else are now building a new nuclear powerplant in Finland - a new-age French nuclear powerplant that all the other countries have seen way too dangerous and risky to built 

- A punk-song made of our former Prime Minister was addressed in the cabinet of the state 

- Finland is an extremely conservative and depressed nation compared to other European nations 

- Finns are the most media-trusting citizen in the whole Europe 

- Even the legit and peaceful demonstrations will be denied if the subject feels too annoying for the Parliament members 

- The Finnish police is in secret pressuring the message board administrators to hand over data from their site users, so they could identify all who are possibly planning to take a part on demonstrations and then take the names into a secret police database for an indefinited time-period 

- The Finnish police receives only mild, but constant notes from unjustified and illegal home investigations - yet nothing changes 

- In Finland the police officers themselves make the decisions of home investigations - unlike in any other European nation 

- Finnish police follow the law only when they feel like it - illegal phone-monitoring happens constantly 

- Hundreds of innocent citizens are held in the police custody per year - the factual numbers are even way higher 

- Best kept secret in Finnish society, the police brutality, is an everyday thing 

- The Finnish ombudsman very reluctant to accuse public officers from any lawlessness - only one single appeal from an annual 4500 appeals will lead to a indictment by ombudsman 

- Camera surveillance in Finland the second most comprehensive in Europe after the UK 

- Finnish citizens and corporation workers are facing an ever growing Internet surveillance directed at them 

- Workplace harassment in Finland remarkably more common than elsewhere in Europe